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World Maths Day Writing

A Poem about World Maths Day


Adding, subtracting

And calculating

Dividing fractions

And multiplying.


We all need maths to help us through our days,

We practise so our calculating never fades.


Geometry, statistics,

Ratio and measure.

When we do maths,

It gives us pleasure.


World Maths Day is all about fun,

Making maths fun for everyone.


It's World Maths Day!!!


by Maisie and Suki (Year 6)

LO: To write a recount of World Maths Day.

Yesterday, (Wednesday 23rd March) the whole school participated in activities for World Maths Day. The event was held outside, in the summerhouse and on the playground. There were many different activities: jugs and water for capacity; dinosaurs to place on a ten frame; paper for shape drawing; maths bingo and many more. There was a game that involved water; it got quite messy!


Mrs Wood split us up into groups so we could help the other classes. Everyone took part in a different activity and had lots of fun. The games went on for 20 minutes so each class could take a turn.


At the end of the day, there was an assembly where we talked about the activities that we had done. We had a discussion about how we use maths in our everyday life.


By Afreen (year 6)


LO: To write a recount of World Maths Day.

Yesterday, Wednesday 23rd March 2022, was the fifteenth World Maths Day. At St. Patrick's we had many exciting events for year 6 and our school community to enjoy and do.


Firstly, there was a poster to show how we use maths throughout our daily lives. For instance, we use maths to count out money at the shops, measuring time and dividing resources. After break time we got to make angle measures and we were let loose to find angles (it was utterly brilliant).


After the angle measure, we (year 6) got to have the first go with the mega maths games. There was Knex, weighing and measuring water, shapes to draw and the ladybug game - there were so many options!


Finally, year 6's go was over and it was time for year 4. There were four year 6 children who were maths ambassadors to help them - Henry, Alex, Daniel and Freddie.


Last of all, there was an extremely fascinating assembly on how we use maths on a daily basis. Mrs Wood was leading and she did well. After that it was home time - year 6 didn't want it to stop!


By Henry (Year 6)

LO: To write a recount of World Maths Day.

Yesterday, (Wednesday 23rd March) it was World Maths Day and everyone in our school took part in playing fun maths games. All of year 6 helped to set everything up in our school summerhouse; it was the first time that it had opened. Each class had twenty minutes to play with the maths games in the summerhouse and the playground. Year 6 helped the other classes to play the maths games; some were really hard to explain! We also took the ipad with us and took photos of the other classes playing maths games. Before that, Mrs Wood split us into groups so we could all get a go with the ipad and helping other children.


In the summerhouse there was: shut the box; drawing in stencils; maths bingo; tangram cat and a tube with cards. In the playground there was: a water game; cans and bean bags; hoops and rings and metre-sticks and trundle wheels.


By Alice M (year 6)

LO: To write a recount of World Maths Day.

Yesterday (Wednesday 23rd March) the whole school took part in World Maths Day. Everyone enjoyed it. Some people in my class were helping the teacher to set everything up in the summerhouse. The classes were enjoying everything they played with. They played with water and drew shapes; the classes had the best time. 


In the afternoon Me, Eshan, Alice M and Oscar went outside with year 5. They had a great time with all of the maths games. We took lots of good pictures of them having fun. My class were making paper protractors - it was so much fun.


By Ruby (year 6)

LO: To write a recount of World Maths Day.

Yesterday, on 23rd March in St Patrick's Primary School Corsham, we - the whole school - celebrated World Maths Day (YAY!) The day was really fun! In the morning, year 6 went out into the summerhouse in the playground. There were jugs of water, maths games, calculators and more.


I played Bingo; I won every time I played! I played against Mrs Oborne, Henry, Alice and Annie. I didn't play in the water but I did help out with year 1 and got very wet - I had water in my shoes, my tights, my jumper and my hair! I was not the best with the tap because when I went to fill the watering can up, the tap wouldn't go off and water got everywhere. Mrs Sykes came to help and she turned the tap off. I kept on helping out - and getting wetter! 

Happy Maths Day


By Charlie (year 6)

LO: To write a recount of World Maths Day.

Yesterday, (Wednesday 23rd March) it was World Maths Day. The whole school took part in having fun while playing with maths games and weighing objects. This school activity was placed inside the summerhouse and on the KS2 playground.


In every class there was a poster; it told the rest of the school how pupils use maths in their lives. Mrs Wood split year 6 into groups of four so we could help to teach the younger classes how to play the games and use the scales. Every group took pictures of the classes. Everybody had a great mindset towards this activity.


Some of us read maths books and some had a go at Tangram Cat. Some drew shapes and some just played with the water.


By Amelia F (year 6)