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Year 1

Have a wonderful summer Year 1! 


Dear Yr1 parents, thank you so much for the lovely gifts you gave me at the end of term. It was very kind of you all. 
It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to spend time with your children again in Yr 1. 
I hope you all enjoy the summer break, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you in September. 
Best Wishes. Anne Highmore xx

A massive Thank you to all the lovely parents for being so kind and thoughtful with your wonderful cards and gifts. 
I can’t wait to see all the children in September.
Enjoy your Summer!
Love Mrs Garvin xx💜
Dear year 1 parents, A big thank you for my lovely gift. It is so kind and generous of you all. It has been great to get to know all of your children this year. Take care and have a safe holiday. Love from 
Mrs Smith xxx

Dear Year One Parents,

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much for my hugely generous present!!! I was absolutely bowled over from your amazing generosity. As Mrs Sykes said, this has been an unprecedented time which has been completely mind blowing (I feel like I have aged twenty years home schooling my own children!) 

It has made such a difference knowing we have such lovely parents around us and amazing support from you all. Have a fantastic break and I really look forward to seeing you and all the children in September.

Thank you so much again,

Best wishes

Mrs Solomon

To Year 1 parents. Thank you so much for my lovely gift, it was so very generous of you all. I hope you all have a fabulous summer, and look forward to seeing you all in September.  Love Mrs Fudge xx

Another BIG thank you...heart

Thank you so much for my kind and generous gift from our Year 1 family. I was really touched by the generosity. It has been an absolute joy and pleasure to teach the children and get to know each and everyone of the parents. This is a really unique year and the children will hold an important part of our memory. We have all been on a journey together and from speaking with all of you, we have all taken away different things but shared a special Year 1 community. Mrs Solomon and I would like to thank all of you for the support you have shown us both in these unusual times!  

Love From 

Mrs Sykes smiley

A BIG thank you ❤️

Wow- what a wonderful treat for all the staff at our school. We are very grateful for the kind gift. Thank you so much for a wonderful year with such a brilliant year 1 family. We won’t ever forget this year. We absolutely loved teaching all children and then in lockdown it was a joy to chat with each and everyone of you and share such a unique journey with you all. 
We can’t wait to see you all in September 😊😀😊

What a treat it was today to see so many faces that I haven't seen since March - you brigtened my day and I am still smiling. We are missing those of you that we haven't seen but always enjoy our catch up on the phone. 

We hope you are all well. Rememeber that we are always at the end of the phone or the end or email if you want to speak to us. The weather hasn't been brilliant this week, but the school grounds have had a good watering and looking lovely and green. Did any of you jump in any puddles? We hope you have a brilliant week. 

Keep Smiling, 

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon smiley

Rainbow Games

Hello Everyone, 

We hope you are well and enjoying the variety of weather that we are having! This week there are videos of different members of staff talking to you about a new skills, passion or hobbies! Each week we will be uploading different members of staff across the school (if you have a look you will spot both of us)! These videos are in the Covid-19 section of the website in the 'Lockdown Challenge Videos.' If you are visiting the website on your PC and cant see the Covid-19 tab on the homepage, press ctrl and F5 and this should refresh the screen and make those resources available to you. 

We have really enjoyed making our happiness boxes and hope you've enjoyed making yours. If you are in a bubble, please feel free to bring in your box and share it with us. If you are at home you could send us a video or photos of your box and we can share these in class with our bubble (or if you'd rather just share it with us, tell us in the email). 

Keep smiling, 

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon smiley

Story Time

Still image for this video
23rd June 2020
Hello to our lovely year 1 family,

We hope this message finds you all happy and well. It has been lovely to see some of you this week and we really enjoyed reading Mister Magnolia By Quentin Blake. We want to share that with all of our lovely Year 1 family and so here is a video of Mrs Sykes reading the story on the school field.
We hope you are looking after yourself in this hot weather! Speak to you all soon.
Keep Smiling,
Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon ☺️

Our Happiness Boxes

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Still image for this video


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We would love you to make a happiness box at home. For those children who are in school, you can bring your box to school next week and we can explore what is in your box. For those childre who are continuing their learning with their families, we would love to see your box too! We would love you to send a photo or a video of the things that you have included in your box.

A message from pink bubble, 


A big hello to our friends at home and in other bubbles. 

We are really missing you all and talked about you lots today. We had a look at some of the lovely photos that you have sent us for the gallery and they really made us smile! We have been making our ultimate paper aeroplanes today. We had a go at the way we would normally make them and then the ultimate ones. Can you guess which ones went further? Have a look at our videos and you will see! We would love to see some photos of your paper aeroplanes and share them in our gallery. 
Lots of Love

Pink Bubble 🙂

Aeroplane 1

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Aeroplane 2

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Thursday 11th June 2020 

Good Afternoon to you all, 


We hope you are all well and been enjoying your home learning this week. If you went out on any walks, I am sure they were a bit different to the other days during at home! There has been lots of puddle jumping here. We are very much looking forward to seeing some of you as new bubbles are created. Tomorrow we will still be uploading home learning, as usual, for those of you who are continuing your learning at home. If your learning is continuing at home, we would still love to see what you have been up to, receiving your emails and photos is such a joy for us! 


We hope you have a fabulous end to your week and a relaxing weekend.

Keep smiling, 

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomonsmiley

Wednesday 3rd June 

Hello to our lovely Year 1 family! 


How are you all? We really missed receiving all of your emails over the May half term, seeing the different and interesting things that you are doing. We can't wait to see what you have been up to this week. Don't forget we have the show and tell part of our class webpage and so feel free to send us a photo or video that we can add and your friends can see!

What did you get up to over the half term break? Mrs Sykes had a lovely time going on different walks, particularly exploring Castle Combe - what a beautiful place to visit! Mrs Solomon enjoyed lots of bike rides, exploring the local area. We were so lucky with the sunshine. Although, I think the grass will be very pleased that we had some rain today. 

We hope you are all well and smiling. 

Keep up the great work,

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon smiley 

A Message from Krysia

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12th May 2020

Hello to our class family, 

We hope you are well and still smiling. Thank you so much for the photographs that you have sent so far. We love the ones in your smart uniform and the fun ones are really making us smile. If you haven’t sent one in yet, we’d love to add your photo to the class picture and please send it to our school email. 
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful photos of the interesting things you are doing at home. They really make us feel really proud to be your teachers. We love that there is such a wonderful variety, writing, art, construction, maths work, history, science and nature! Keep them coming. We would love to see some photos of you reading your favourite book, some pictures of your daily exercise (inside or outside), you might have found a new and interesting hobby! Whatever you are doing and whatever is making you smile, we would love you to share it with us. 
We hope you enjoy the rest of your week. 
Keep smiling, 

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon 😃


1st May 2020

Hello to all of our Year One family!

We hope that you have managed to get outside this week with all the rain... there are a few year one children who would have loved the puddles.

In the home learning folder (above) you will find our answer sheet for week 2, when you look at it, you will see how proud we all are of the interesting things you are doing at home. We have loved seeing the photos of the things that you are doing at home, whether it is from the home learning we have sent home or it is a passion that you are following, please continue to make us smile with your emails.

This week we hope you can find something that you find really interesting, we have included a variety of things so that you can find something that really captures your imagination. Please remember there are a range of resources that are available to support you at home and we have woven some of the work that is relevant with our  home learning pack. The website links have been shared with you on our class page.  

Keep smiling and being kind to each other. Have a lovely day.

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon laugh

Hello Year One

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Sadly the video of our class story was too large to upload. I wanted to read you a story called 'The Heroes of the Vegetable Patch'. 

I wonder if you have any stories at home about gardens? Have a look and see if a grown up will read it to you tonight at bedtime! 

A message from Krysia.

Still image for this video
Can you remember doing forest school with Krysia? Here is a video she has made for you about the May Flower. I wonder if you can find one on your daily walk?

What a fantastic creation Zach! ⭐️

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Our Year One Display Board for Weeks 1 and 2

Hello Everyone! 

We hope you are well and making the most of this beautiful weather. It has been an absolute pleasure to talk to you all this week and hear how you and your families are getting on. Thank you so much for the emails we have been receiving this week. We have enjoyed creating our online gallery (below on this page) and hope the children have enjoyed seeing what their friends have been doing. We look forward to seeing what next week brings! 

Please see the attached work for next week. We both enjoyed putting this together for you. Mrs Sykes loves history and the Tudors is her favourite period of time to learn about (her current book that she is enjoying in the garden is all about the Tudors). Please send us any interesting facts that you discover! Mrs Solomon loves art, she is always coming up with amazing ideas at home, often found with a pencil or glue stick in her hand. We'd love to see your creative learning. What is your favourite thing to learn about?  

We are also attaching a letter with information regrading online phonics sessions. The online learning is being generated by the English Hub, we have been working with the English Hub throughout the year. The letter gives you guidance about the best sessions for your child to interact with. If you are interested in using this resources but would like more guidance about which sessions to access please email the school and we can guide you with this decision. 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and next week is full of smiles! 

Thank you, Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon laugh

Morning everyone! Here are the answers to this week's learning.


Hello Year One, 

We hope you’ve had a relaxing and calm Easter time. Did you go out and enjoy the sunshine? We hope you have made some wonderful family memories together. 
Term 5 begins on Monday 20th April. Below are the planned activities for your child to do at home for the week commencing 20th April. On Friday 24th April we will upload the answers for you to look through together and the work for week 2. We have enjoyed putting the pack of learning together and thinking about all the things we were enjoying learning about together. We were really interested when finding out about the Great Fire of London and so when you look at your pack, you will see we are continuing with this work. There are lots of map fans in our class and so we know you will enjoy finding the oceans on a map. We also know there are some very creative year one children and so we will enjoy looking out for some photos of any art work! 

We would love to see what you are all doing and create a virtual display board of your best work and so please send any photos to the school email! 

See below for a postcard from us... 
Keep safe and keep smiling!

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon

Term Five Week Beginning 20.04.20 Home Learning (an answer sheet will uploaded on 24.04.20)

Hello Year One,

Mrs Sykes and I had a big chat on the phone about how much we are missing you all!

Did you enjoy your story?  Watch this space I will be adding my challenge the first week back!


Hope your home learning has been going well, my hamsters have been working hard!!

To Our Year One Family, 

As we enter week 2, the Year One team would like to send you our well wishes. We hope you have had the opportunity to read books together, explore, learn, laugh and smile. Have you learnt anything about yourself? We are missing seeing your smiling faces and hearing you wish us a good day each morning, but very much looking forward to the next smile! 

Have a great week.

Would you Rather by John Burningham

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Lots of discussion to be had...


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Good Morning Year One, 

We will be thinking about you all today and imagining our good mornings in the register (with your big smiles of course!). Have you got a book you want a grown up to read with you? The year one team have all picked a book that we will be reading each evening and look forward to telling you all about it. Can you remember when we read ‘My Naughty Little Sister’? I wonder what your favourite naughty adventure she went on was. 
Have a good day, be kind and caring.

Love The Year One Team 😊

World Book Day 5th March 2020

Indo Boarding. Year One were amazing, they worked so well in pairs, listened, took turns, were patient and they used their balancing skills.

English Hub Reading Workshop

Thank you all so much for all our wonderful gifts we adore them all.


Another term over and it has been a lovely term, the children have grown so much this past term becoming very independent and really working hard on their Gem Powers, working together in groups, not giving up when things get tough and also helping others thinking about kindness to all.

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas relax enjoy and most of all have fun see you in 2020

The whole year one team.

The Children’s first term is over and they have all settled into year one well learning new routines and using their Emerald power sticking with it when things get tricky.

So much has happened in this term English we looked at our story “Man on the Moon” the children wrote story maps/postcards/posters all about life on the moon.

Math's we have been looking at more/less, missing digits and writing number sentences.

Science this term was all about looking at light and what reflects light we also looked at the life of Neil Armstrong.

The children encountered their first term at forest school, they learnt so much from clearing the Autumn leaves to planting, making wonderful pieces of art to making and drinking their own apple juice.

We all had an amazing music week no doubt you would of all heard the children coming home singing “There Once was an Ugly Duckling” the children had such excitement during this week who would have thought we could learn math's through music notes!  We entered our final few days with celebrating our very own “Apple Day” each child drew their apple, tasted their apple and then we described and wrote sentence about our apple. 

A fantastic part of our term was the lovely wonderful parents and grandparents that came in to read for our mystery reader, we thank you all so much the children fully enjoyed every single one.  Anyone wanting to read to the class for Mystery Reader please let Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon know.

Check out the fabulous photos from term one.

As always our door is always open we all hope you have a wonderful holiday and see you next term.

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon

Our First Mystery Reader

Welcome back to a brand new term and wow what a great start to year one.  The children have come back ready enjoying catching up with their friends, they have also done some great learning already.  We have so much learning this term, forest school, writing stories, phonics, reading, problem solving, cooking and much much more.  If you have a certificate from the library summer holiday reading scheme please bring it in and tell us all about it.  Parents we would be very grateful if you could name all your child’s clothes so we ensure all jumpers and cardigans go to their rightful owners, please ensure your child has their P.E kit in school at all the time as we do P.E twice a week.  Water bottles are to be brought in to class please ensure it is water only, this helps are brain in our learning.

Next THURSDAY (12th September) is our first morning of forest school please ensure children come in to school in their old clothes also please bring in their wellies in case it rains or gets a little muddy, all children will change back into their uniform (please ensure you send this in).

Gem Project – Where every child sparkles – this term we are looking at our Ruby power supporting others, looking after each other helping each other in our learning and friendship.

We are available every morning and afternoon if you wish to talk with us our door is always open and we look forward to the term ahead.

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon