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Year 1

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed the Easter weekend in the glorious sunshine not eating too much chocolate!

Another jam packed term has gone and the children have shown great TOPAZ power working together in their work and play, lovely to see them during their science lesson working in groups supporting each other learning about forces and experimenting with different things.  In math's they have looked at capacity again in groups looking at empty/half empty/full/nearly full the children really enjoyed these lessons.

World book day saw children come dressed into school in their great amazing outfits they all looked amazing a huge thank you to the parents grandparents aunties and uncles for the support on this day with their costumes, we also had a great session learning about fossils which they children really enjoyed then to finish the day a dinosaur came to our school yes really it did actually happen!

We would also like to thank the children how well they have done coming in the main gate with all the other children in school they have done so well and showing us they are nearly ready for year two.

We ended our school term by visiting the SS Great Britain the children had a fabulous day and showed great enjoyment and respect to everyone and each other, a huge thank you again to our parent helpers Mrs.Samways, Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Williams for your help on this day.

This term we are looking at Green Peace in our English “10 things I can do to change the world” we will have lots of discussion about what we can do as a class.  We have P.E on  a Tuesday and Thursday please ensure correct school P.E kit is in school girls will not be allowed to wear tights during P.E so please ensure you have a spare pair of socks.  As you would all by now seen our new uniform policy this comes into effect after Easter please ensure all children have the correct uniform and logo jumpers should be worn, take a look at the website with all the details.

As always our door is always open.

Mrs Solomon and Mrs Sykes

Another term over and the children have worked so well each and every one of them, they have shown AMETHYST power this term working with their talking partners,  learning together and then showing this in their work,  the children have really enjoyed the story of Claude In The City creating  story maps and newspaper  articles of their work.   Maths this term we have been looking at different shapes where we enjoyed an Art/Maths class painting  shapes, we have  been looking at our number bonds to 10 and 20 everyone should have their Mathletics sign, on have a go lots of activity’s on Mathletics for you to try.  R.E this term the children learnt what a parable is and the message Jesus was giving.  Lots of cooking took place this term we made Vegetable soup which the children really enjoyed and also for our 100 day at school yes I know can you believe we have been at school for 100 days we celebrated by making cookies and decorating them, which the children thoroughly enjoyed!!

This term we are looking at the following:

History – we will be looking at Brunel who is he? What did he do?

R.E – we will be looking at lent, what happens through lent.

Maths – we will be continuing looking at our number bonds we will also be working on our measuring.

P.E continues to be on a Wednesday and Thursday please ensure you have the correct P.E kit in school don’t forget to put socks in as well as the girls cannot wear tights for P.E  as always please label all school uniform it then can be easier for us to find when a jumper gets lost.

We hope you all have a lovely half term and look forward to the children returning next week.

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon.

Maths in Year One

Maths in Year One  1
Maths in Year One  2
Maths in Year One  3
Maths in Year One  4
Maths in Year One  5
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Maths in Year One  10
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Welcome back

Thank you to each and every one of you for our wonderful gifts.  We all hope you had a lovely Christmas break and wish you and your family a Happy New Year; we look forward to 2019.

2018 ended with the children working very hard,  showing great Sapphire power at all times, in what was a busy last few months of the year. I am sure you would all agree what a great assembly they had and how well they performed.  Then a few weeks later they gave an amazing, eye watering performance with their gift to you- the nativity play. Again they did an amazing job.

This term we are focusing on the following:

Science. Materials - what are things made of?

English. Claude in the City

PE will take place on Wednesday and Thursday this term and we will be doing Dance!

As always, if you need us, our door is always open and we look forward to the term ahead.

Many Thanks

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon

Wow, what a great term we have all had! The children have come in to school every day with such positive and great attitudes that they have learnt so much in their first term as Year one pupils.

Year One were lucky to enjoy our Forest School lesson every Thursday and the weather was on our side so that we were all able to get out and do some planting, hunting, toasting marshmallows and much, much more – parents, please take a look at  our forest school book to see  all the things the children did.

We also had a great morning of learning all about Fencing; we were so grateful to Mrs Courtney’s son for coming in to show the children how to do it and they all got to have a go. (See the great pictures below)

In English we have been learning about Zeraffa Giraffa. The children have been re telling the story through story maps and have done some great writing about this story which you can see on our display board.

In R.E we have been learning about Psalms in the bible and talking about creation. We have also looked at Judaism and we were lucky to have a special visitor from the synagogue in Bristol. She told us all about her faith and things that are special to her and her family and she also taught us a song!

In Maths we have been looking at number sequences, counting in twos and fives and also recognising our numbers. We have also been looking at more than, equal to, less than and learning to add using  Numicon.

We  went on a visit to The Pound, not once, but twice- first was to see a movie as a thank you for a great Section 48 inspection and another time was during Corsham Storytown week when we were lucky enough to be invited to listen to a story.

Thank you if you have signed up tofor parents' evening;  if you haven’t yet,  the forms to choose your time slot are at the front of the school.

As always Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon are always here- as we say, our door is always open, should you need to speak with us. PE for this term will be on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure all children have the correct school PE kit in school.

We look forward to another exciting term in term 2.

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon


Welcome to Year One


Welcome to your first term in Year One! We hope you had a wonderful summer and are feeling ready for the Autumn Term

this term we have lots of lovely things planned. You will have forest schools, continuing with learning phonics, reading lovely stories, writing stories, problem solving and much more! We are looking forward to getting to know you all and finding out about your special talents.




We are working on our Emerald Power!! 


                                                 Image result for emerald power

Emerald Power is all about bouncing back from mistakes and disappointment, and controlling your anger if it tries to get out. It is about trying even when something is difficult! We don't give up in Year One!