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Weekly Learning Pack and Answers

Friday 29th May 2020

Hello Year One,

We hope you are having a wonderful half term - we have been very lucky to have such gorgeous half term weather! Have you done anything nice? We are very lucky to have so many fabulous places to explore on our doorstep. We have uploaded your home learning for next week. We are looking forward to seeing your poems, money work and fantastic creative things that you achieve this week. You will see that this weeks marks the anniversary of the Queens coronation and so you have the opportunity to discover some modern history, I wonder if there is anyone in your family that can remember the coronation? We hope you enjoy your home learning and we really look forward to seeing the photos of what you achieve! You will also see that term 6 spellings are also uploaded and so have a look through and pick the spellings that give you an appropriate challenge. Don't forget that we also have our show and tell section and so you're welcome to send us your show and tell!

Keep smiling,

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon

Hello Year One,

What a term it has been! We hope you are all well and have enjoyed the fantastic weather we have had!

We have really enjoyed hearing your voices down the phone and have been overwhelmed by how chatty you all are and all the wonderful things you shared with us. Well done with all your home learning, you have produced some beautiful, creative and carefully created learning, we are super proud of you. You all (including the grown-ups) deserve a restful break during half term and hopefully this weather will continue!


Speak to you all soon, look after each other and stay safe.


Best wishes,

Mrs Solomon and Mrs Sykes smiley

Year One, Week Five, Term Five Answers

15th May 2020


Hello to our Year One Family,


We hope you are all well and enjoying the wonderful weather that we are having today? It has been an absolute pleasure to talk to you all this week. Thank you for sharing with us all the things that you have been getting up to. There is such a wonderful variety of learning going on! Keep sending those brilliant photos, it really cheers us.

This week we will get started on our show and tell gallery, please send us your brilliant show and tells. This is your chance to show us the things you can't normally bring to school!!

Your home learning this week gives you the opportunity to explore something that you find really interesting and create a fact file.... I wonder how much you will be able to teach us through your fact files?! We want you to really enjoy your reading and so have a look at your book shelf and see if you can find your all time favourite book!  Year One love their maths work and so this week you are going to explore doubling and halving. I wonder what you will enjoy doing from this learning pack...


This week we have listening to milkshake on gonoodle... it really makes a laugh! If you all need to laugh, google it and enjoy!


Keep smiling everyone, talking to you and your families made us smile,


Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon laugh

Week 5 Home Learning 18th May 2020

Morning Year One,


We hope you have enjoyed the lovely sunshine for the last few days! Thank you so much for sending in your amazing learning, it has been so lovely to see your wonderful ideas! Today is VE Day so we hope to see lots more lovely photos of how you have spent the day celebrating! Here is a link to Damn Vera Lynn who was a song writer and actress during the war. She sung songs for the troops outside to all the soldiers to cheer them up and give them hope. Here is a link to her song, we hope you enjoy it and hope to "Meet again" soon!

Stay safe and happy and thinking of you lots,

Mrs Solomon and Mrs Sykes smiley

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