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Registration & Absences


The register is taken daily at 8.55am.  After the register is taken, if a child arrives in school before 9.15am, they will be marked in the register as Late

After 9.15am, if we have not received a phone call or message, the child will be marked as Unauthorised for the morning session.  (Please note that pupil attendance is recorded by morning and afternoon sessions NOT days.)  Exceptions to this practice will be if we have been informed of a medical appointment, music exam or any other authorised absence in advance. 

In another attempt to ensure all children in our care are safe and accounted for, we will contact parents of children whose absence is unexplained on the morning of their absence.  We would appreciate your support in helping us with this routine.


When your child is away from school due to illness, please try to notify the school.  There is a telephone messaging service that is specifically for this purpose on the main phone number.  Otherwise all pupils must return to school with a letter explaining any absence due to sickness.  All letters must be addressed to the School Office.