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Wow - you’re an artist ⭐️
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
Wow! These sunflowers are so tall ⭐️🌻
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
What a brilliant peacock of thanks ⭐️
Archie, you are a maths ⭐️
Hollie you are a maths ⭐️
Zach, you are a historian ⭐️
Rueben, you are a maths ⭐️
Luca, you are an artist! ⭐️
You are a scientist! ⭐️
Luca, what a fab diary! ⭐️
Learning outside is wonderful ⭐️
Great alphabet work, Luca ⭐️
Well done Luca⭐️
Wow Luca, look at that hard work ⭐️
Great work Luca ⭐️
This looks like fun! ⭐️
What a great science activity ⭐️
This looks like fun ⭐️
What a great shop ⭐️
Lots of learning going on ⭐️
Great phonics work, Luca ⭐️
Beautiful Luca! ⭐️
Drama fun! ⭐️

Our Virtual Display Board! 

Thank you so much for sharing your work with us, it makes us very proud to be your teachers! 

All the fantastic photos you've already sent from week 1 and week 2 are still on our class page, go back to the main Year 1 page and just scroll down if you want to see those photos. 



Still image for this video
Liam, you are a scientist! ⭐️
What a problem solver ⭐️
Noah, what a great experiment!⭐️
Joshi, you have discovered lots about your family⭐
You are an artist, Joshi ⭐️
Some great maths work ⭐️
What fun learning outside ⭐️
This is very creative! ⭐️
Some great question work ⭐️
What a fantastic paper aeroplane⭐️
We hope you enjoyed the story ⭐️
Tevita, you are a maths wizard ⭐️
What a great way to do your number work ⭐️
Tevita, you are an author ⭐️
What wonder observations, Tevita ⭐️
Tevita, this is a great plan ⭐️
Tevita, would you like to visit Kenya?⭐️
What a fantastic journey ⭐️
What a brilliant Fathers Day card ⭐️
Can you spot the cows on Tevita’s walk?⭐️
Mason really enjoyed exploring equal groups ⭐️
Jacob can find equal groups, well done ⭐️
Liam shared some great ideas about the story ⭐️
A great recount by Ophelia ⭐️
Floriane really enjoyed more/less symbol work ⭐️
Flynn shared some great thoughts about the story ⭐
A great recount was written by Noah ⭐️
A great recount written by Summer
A great recount written By Joe ⭐️
Some great money work! ⭐️
Learning outside is so exciting ⭐️
It's a pirate! Look out! ⭐️
What a fantastic nature walk ⭐️
Joshi, we love this story ⭐️
Joshi, fantastic writing ⭐️
Wow Joshi, what hard work ⭐️
You have a very lucky Daddy ⭐️
Joshi, some great phonics patterns! ⭐️
What fantastic art work! ⭐️
Joshi, you have used lovely vocabulary ⭐️
Joshi, you’re very reflective ⭐️
Joshi, you have used the vocabulary very well ⭐️
What brilliant writing, you’re an author ⭐️
Well done, Joshi, a great postcard ⭐️
What a wonderful collection of facts ⭐️
Noah, what fantastic vocabulary  ⭐️
Tevita, you’re a great poet! ⭐️
Tevita, you will find this interesting in a year ⭐
Tevita, what beautiful presentation ⭐️
Tevita, we can’t wait to see these! ⭐️
Tevita, I bet that was interesting to see ⭐️
What great money work, Tevita ⭐️
Tevita, what a great week! ⭐️
Tevita, this is one of our favourites ⭐️
Archie, please send us photos when they hatch! ⭐️
Archie, this is very exciting! Keep us posted! ⭐️
Well done Archie, we love a chart! ⭐️


Still image for this video
Well done Joshi! You have created a wonderful poem ⭐️


Still image for this video
Well done! You have worked hard to memorise your poem! ⭐️

Our virtual Display!

Luca, you have planned this well! Fantastic! ⭐️
Luca, you ended your story well! ⭐️
Luca! We love this writing ⭐️
Luca, what great information! Well done ⭐️
What a great picture, Luca ⭐️
Luca, this is such a great book! Well done ⭐️
Well done Luca, you have explored the story well ⭐
Luca, we can see so much hard work here! ⭐️
Luca - you are an author ⭐️
Thanks for this brilliant information, Luca! ⭐️
Joshi, there is lots of information here ⭐️
Joshi, you’re a scientist! ⭐️
Joshi, what a great piece of art! ⭐️
Joshi, a great reflection of your understanding ⭐️
Joshi, I love the word you have picked ⭐️
Joshi, you’re a poet - what great language ⭐️
Joshi, what a fantastic retell! ⭐️
Joshi, we love this picture of the coronation! ⭐️
What a creative poem. Well done Liam ⭐️
What a fantastic drawing! Well done Liam ⭐️
Thanks for sharing your thought Liam ⭐️


Still image for this video
Liam memorised one of our poems! We love it :)

Our virtual display

An excellent way to explore halving! ⭐️
Flynn, what a great postcard ⭐️
Flynn, you are an author! ⭐️
Well done Flynn, a great story ⭐️
Liam, this looks like the best day! ⭐️
Joe... this looks delicious! ⭐️
Joe, can I have 1/2 your cake? ⭐️
No.... what about a 1/4? Well done! ⭐️
Well done Tevita, sounds like lots of fun! ⭐️
Tevita, what a great fact file, very interesting ⭐️
Tevita, Canada sounds wonderful ⭐️
Tevita, you are a mathematician! ⭐️
Tevita, great job finding out about plants ⭐️
Tevita, a great postcard from Canada  ⭐️
Tevita, what brilliant fun! ⭐️
Tevita, Queen Elizabeth is very interesting ⭐️
Family time is so important ⭐️
Tevita, look at those nouns! ⭐️
Tevita, a very careful design ⭐️
Tevita - excellent work! ⭐️
Zach, we love seeing that you are reading ⭐️
Zach, what a great information leaflet. ⭐️
Zach, you are full of knowledge! ⭐️
Zach, what a great imagination ⭐️
Zach, you are an author ⭐️
Zach, this picture made us smile ⭐️
Hollie, you are so creative ⭐️
Hollie, the garden looks fantastic ⭐️
It is nice to see you enjoying nature ⭐️
Hollie, this is brilliant ⭐️
Luca, has won an Easter bonnet competition! ⭐️
A worthy winner ⭐️
What a wonderful nature walk ⭐️
We love that you are helping so much ⭐️
Luca, what hard work! ⭐️
Walking is such a great way to keep fit ⭐️
Luca using his technology skills! ⭐️


Still image for this video
Joshi, we love your den! what a brilliant place to read (and great reading)! ⭐️


Still image for this video
What lovely reading Hollie! ⭐️

Our Virtual Display!

Teddy, you are becoming an author ⭐️
Teddy, what a great story teller ⭐️
Teddy, what great instructions ⭐️
Teddy, I think I need to make this! ⭐️
Teddy has been working hard with spelling tests ⭐️
Excellent research about Australia, Tevita! ⭐️
What a beautiful nature hunt, Tevita ⭐️
Tevita, we love the details here ⭐️
Tevita, you are such an explorer ⭐️
What a busy day! Well done Tevita ⭐️
Ayden is really enjoying home learning ⭐️
Look at Liam’s fantastic balancing ⭐️
Liam, it looks like a wonderful nature walk ⭐️
Noah, the postcard makes me want to go on holiday⭐
I would love to get this postcard ⭐️
What a great postcard Joshi ⭐️
We all want to go to Australia! ⭐️
This is a great story plan, Joshi ⭐️
Joshi, you are chef! ⭐️
We love team work ⭐️
Wow- can I live there? ⭐️

An Update from Henry!

Henry is having a wonderful time with Luca ⭐️
Luca teaching Henry about money ⭐️
Henry enjoying the sunshine ⭐️
Luca is making sure Henry is well looked after ⭐️
Henry the pirate with captain Luca ⭐️


Still image for this video
We love pancakes! Great job, Joshi ⭐️


Still image for this video
This beautiful reading made us very proud ⭐️


Still image for this video
Flynn, what fantastic reading! We love your special reading den⭐️


Still image for this video
Well done Zach! A great science experiment! It looks fun. ⭐️

Home Learning Wow Moments

Mason, look at that hard work ⭐️
This looks like a wonderful book ⭐️
What brilliant word work ⭐️
Jacob, we love these - so cheerful ⭐️
What a brilliant VE day ⭐️
You are such a good big sister ⭐️
This is beautiful ⭐️
Floriane, what fantastic exercise ⭐️
This looks yummy!!! Is there any for me? ⭐️
This looks like so much fun! ⭐️
Floriane, you can use question marks so well ⭐️
Floriane, what wonderful writing ⭐️
Fantastic phonics work, Floriane ⭐️
Wow! You are so creative ⭐️
Our nature expert! Great writing Joe ⭐️
Wow Flynn - you are an author ⭐️
Flynn, what a fabulous castle! Great work ⭐️
Flynn, what great story planning! ⭐️
Zach, you are a nature expert! ⭐️
Summer,we love the colour and smiles these bring ⭐
Amazing! We love this model of Tom Moore, Summer ⭐
Phoebe is our flower expert! Amazing work ⭐️
Tristan is the class architect!Fantastic creation⭐
Wow, a fantastic story! Well done, Phoebe ⭐️
Jacob, you are a mathematician! Well done ⭐️
Flynn, you have worked hard preparing for VE Day ⭐
What an imaginative sandwich, Flynn! ⭐️
Joshi, this is beautiful artwork ⭐️
Arrays are everywhere! Well done Joshi ⭐️
Joshi, this is a beautiful symbol of peace ⭐️
Joshi... What a fantastic collection ⭐️
Joshi, you are working so hard! ⭐️
Ivy will be grateful for the advice. Well done ⭐
Joshi, what great questions! ⭐️
Joshi- well done, such a big effort ⭐️
Well done Hollie, you are a mathematician ⭐️
Hollie,what a beautiful picture to make us smile⭐
Liam - what a view! Well done ⭐️
Delicious! I bet you enjoyed that ⭐️
What a wonderful story - you are an author ⭐️
Tevita, we can see all of the hard work here ⭐️
You are a scientist! Well done, Tevita ⭐️
What great listening, Tevita! Well done ⭐️
What fantastic instructions! Well done Tevita ⭐️
Look at that fabulous window display ⭐️
Wow Noah, you have found maths everywhere!! ⭐️
Noah, we can all follow these great instructions ⭐
Noah, it looks delicious ⭐️
Wow Joe - you are a mathematician! ⭐️


Still image for this video
Well done Hollie! What a great way to exercise, a fantastic new skill ⭐️