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Year 6

Our Final Morning!

Our Final Morning! 1
Our Final Morning! 2
Our Final Morning! 3
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Our Final Morning! 22
After our monster clear up and tidy up, the children enjoyed Archery and Abseiling for our final activities. 
A wonderful afternoon playing aero ball and completing zip wire was had by all! A campfire under a starry sky was this evenings activity, dark, chilly but great fun!

Day 3-part 2

Day 3-part 2 1
Day 3-part 2 2
Day 3-part 2 3
Day 3-part 2 4
Day 3-part 2 5
Day 3-part 2 6
Day 3-part 2 7
Day 3-part 2 8
Day 3-part 2 9
Day 3-part 2 10
Day 3-part 2 11
Day 3-part 2 12
Day 3-part 2 13
Day 3-part 2 14
After an early start, breakfast at 7.20am! The children have dodged the worst of the showers to enjoy orienteering and climbing! Super team work and lots of enthusiasm- well done Year 6!

Day 3

Day 3 1
Day 3 2
Day 3 3
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Day 3 17
Day 3 18
Day 3 19
Day 3 20

Day Two!

After a good first night’s sleep, the children enjoyed a hearty breakfast before getting ready for the morning’s activities. Split into two groups, the children enjoyed ‘Buggy Building’ and The Challenge Course’. Already the instructors have commented on the children’s excellent team work and communication skills! 

And we’re off!

And we’re off! 1
We have arrived! The children are all settled into their rooms and have had a tour of the site. They have spent the afternoon joining in with games run by our group leader Kelly, playing football and exploring the small woods. Next up dinner! 
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No fussy eaters here! Dinner was a hit! The children then played some more games, had some time in their rooms and then did their first activity ‘Sports Night’. 
To finish the evening they all got into their night clothes and gathered into the corridor for a prayer and a reflection of a wonderful first day! Lights are now out.... 


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After a lunch of wraps/sandwiches and salad, the children had some time in their rooms. Group one visited the shop. Then it was time for afternoon activities. Again the children split into their two groups and had a go at ‘Survivor’ and ‘Vertical Challenge’.
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Apples which have changed the world: Eve's, Newton's and Steve's!


Today we have celebrated 'Apples'- a very special fruit! We looked at the story of 'The Forbidden Fruit', Newton's law of gravity and how 'Apple' shapes today's technology. The children then made 'Toffee Apple Crumble Muffins' with Mrs Lynch!

The children have had a lovely afternoon, luckily in the sun! They are now showered and ready for the disco! 
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22nd October 2019- Day of Colour!

Today we reflected on Missio 2019. What do all our continents offer us and what is our individual mission in our global community?

The children have also spent today baking with Mrs Lynch, they have made cookies which will be decorated like our planets- they are even in size order! We hope you enjoy these (if the children haven't eaten them before they get to the gate!!!)

Music Week!

We had a wonderful week celebrating all different kinds of music. Our focus across the school was to give children the opportunity to really listen and appreciate a range of music. We sang altogether, looked at songs which told stories, created our own musical instruments, had visitors just to name a few activities!

Each class focussed on a genre, ours was Rock and Roll! We loved listening to Rock through the decades, and were amazed at how much is has evolved! We even learnt and performed 'We will Rock You' using our bodies as instruments!

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