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Admission Arrangements

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 


The Governing Body of St Patrick’s, Corsham are consulting on their proposed admission arrangements for the 2022-23 school year.  The proposed main changes from the current arrangments are indicated below.


You are invited to provide any comments you may wish for consideration on the proposed arrangements by 31th January 2021.  Final arragements will be determined by 28tFebruary 2021 and will appear on the school website by 15 March 2021.

Comments should be sent by email to:   or by post to:


Mrs S Gilbert  (Clerk to Governor)

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School

Lacock Road

Corsham. SN13 9HS


Proposed Main Changes

  1. A supplementary Information Form will no longer be required
  2. The over subscription criteria will no longer include specific provisions for:
  • Children of a Catholic Parent
  • Children of St Patrick’s School Staff
  • There will no longer be a separate oversubscription category for children with a sibling at the school, but such children will be given highest priority within all of the individual oversubscrition categories.
  1. In-Year applications will not be co-ordinated by Wiltshire LA and must be made on the school’s own In-Year application form and sent to the school.  The school will notify parents of the outcome of In-Year applications.
  2. The policy will not include a separate section for families moving into the area.  Children from such families will be considered with all other new Intake and In-Year applications, as appropriate.
  3. The criteria will now include provide provision for children who are Catechumen
  4. ‘Churches in Communion with Rome’ – has been removed from the policy because the list is subject to change.