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Hello children and parents,

Science update

Well we are nearing the end of week 2 of home learning. I hope you are all well and happy. Below are more resources for those who need them. Today I have found some great science, technology, engineering and maths resources for free. The website is called There is a link to Families: activities to do at home. My favourite is MISSION X: Train like an Astronaut! A worldwide project all about health and fitness. 

I hope you are enjoying Joe Wick's work out everyday (it's making me ache!). 

Alongside your diary writing of this time, you could keep a food diary and research nutrition. has amazing resources from age 3-16 to help understand food and bbc bitesize food has lots of fun learning too. Remember, we started to learn about food and where it comes from. Why not keep your food packages and link up to a world map. You will be able to see where all your food comes from, near and far. I know lots of you love maps and would really enjoy finding the places around the world. 



Hello again,

Here is an English update for parents

English teaching is made up of:

Speaking and Listening: Reciting rhymes and stories; taking part in discussions; debates;  speaking articulately on a subject and listening and responding to other points of view. Acting in role - expressing opinions and feelings. 

Reading: sight reading words, decoding using words phonics; comprehension - understanding properly what has been read. 

Writing: Composition and structure; Spelling rules (phonics); Grammar (how language is formed); Punctuation (making language understandable); Vocabulary (dictionary and thesaurus work); Handwriting and presentation.


At Saint Patrick's we follow a book based approach to teaching English in order to engage and inspire the children's reading and writing. Good quality texts are used as an anchor to the learning. This also helps children to read and enjoy a range of books. We act out parts of the story and discuss what will happen next (prediction), what we feel about different characters (inference). The CLPE Centre for Literacy in Primary Education has some free resources to explore.


If you would rather follow a more structured approach, then I recommend

BBC KS2 bitesize activities

Oxford Owl year 3 work




31/3/2020 Maths update! 

Hello All,

To teach the maths, a group of experts called the White Rose Maths hub have created tutorials and worksheets that the children are used to using in class. This is the scheme that the school follows. If you have a printer, you can print off the sheets or if not simply read them from the screen and write the answers in your book.

Please see learning/year-3/

The lessons are designed for everyone and start simply with the concept and gradually become more challenging. You can judge how far to challenge your child.

You can then complete tasks set on Professor Assessor website and I will be able to see how your child is progressing. 

Extra resources:

I have also provided an year 2 and year 3 work book for maths - as another option - please see below. This has a range of tasks in it and covers year 3 curriculum.

Another great website which can compliment the White Rose programme is the Khan academy - Sal  (the teacher) is very good at explain maths in a clear way. 

Remember to play lots of games that involve quick adding and subtracting like monopoly or snakes and ladders. 

Top marks is a fantastic site for fun games on line. Why not learn to play chess?

I hope this information helps to provide maths teaching for your child. 




Hello Year 3 children and parents,

I hope you are all well and managing to keep smiling during this difficult time.

Remember, you are the year 3 super stars!

I can see that lots of you have made a great start on the Professor Assessor Maths home learning. I have set some more on calculations. You can also earn certificates for learning your times tables too. 


I am looking forward to reading your diaries about this time. I also can't wait to read your descriptions of the photos in your pack. Did you receive Miss Mcloughlin's 500 word story competition about Hope. Your parents have been emailed the information. If you haven't already, try writing a short story. 


How are your musical instruments going? Did you manage to change the pitch? High and low? 


If you are finding it difficult to learn your spellings, try the rainbow writing method in different colours, pyramids spelling and speed spelling where you join your handwriting at speed. 


I hope the Joe Wicks exercise is going well. I'm rather achey! Have you perfected any ball skills or made up your dance routine yet? We will have lots to share when we get back to school!

Have a great day! 



Good morning children and parents,

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and are itching to get started on your home learning packs!

I have included a Springtime maths pack with plenty of extra work for those who need it. There is a weekly grammar activity sheet and daily spelling practise. There are writing photos to describe as well as the suggestion of keeping a diary during this time You will also find 3 reading comprehensions to complete.  Don't forget your daily reading too. Our science topic is Sounds so I have included some ideas to experiment with making sounds. Use junk to create your own instruments. Can you make higher or lower notes?

There are good video learning clips if you google BBC KS2 Sound and vibrations. Our history topic is still Ancient China. Create that project we started in class! There are brilliant resources on BBC Shang Dynasty KS2. 

I am currently setting up a Youtube channel called 'Miss Wilkinson's storytime' so we can enjoy stories together. I'm learning fast!. My first story is called 'The Giant Jam Sandwich' and is now uploaded! Enjoy!


Miss Mcloughlin has sent parents a great list of suggested ideas for other activities but here are some more. 

Go through you toy cupboard, are there any sets or kits you haven't got around to playing with or putting together?

Plant some seeds - now is the time!

Perfect your keepy-uppies or other ball tricks

Help with chores and cooking - help your parents to dust, hoover, wash up, cook and garden!

Have a great day. I am thinking of you all and looking forward to sharing our story time later.

Warmest wishes,

Miss W 


WBD 5th March! We had a great time in all our costumes. We had a parade in the hall and heard the Corsham Book shop's top 20 books of all time. We all enjoyed the book Flotsom: a magical story about a boy finding an underwater camera. In the afternoon, we made our own picture books for our reception class. Dragon books, animal stories and one called 'The Bear who needed a friend'. Year 3 have written and illustrated their own book. They even edited the spelling and puctuation (with some help from the teacher). Well done Year 3 - what a lovley day!

World Book Day

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Happy 2020 New Year to our Year 3 community. 

We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday. 

Once again, huge thanks for all your kind cards and gifts. The Year 3 team were very touched by your thoughts. 


We are looking forward to a fun term ahead. We will be reading 'Tom's Sausage Lion' by Micheal Morpurgo so if you are looking for a home choice reading book, that would be a great choice. We use the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) as a professional teaching guide and resource. 

In Maths, we are learning all about multiplication and division, following the White Rose maths scheme and resources. How are you getting on with learning your times tables? The Topmarks maths website and Professor assessor have lots of fun games to help you practise at home. 

Science this term is all about forces and motion so any moving toys would be great to bring in as examples - moving toys which use pulleys, gears, magnets and hydraulics.

In history, we are learning all about the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China so any topic books from Corsham library would be very useful. Has anyone visited China? Do you know anyone who has links with this fascinating country? Perhaps they could come and visit us.



Please remember your P.E kit (indoor and outdoor), your water bottle and snack.  Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday. 



Our Class Mission

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English Hub Parent Workshop

Assembly rehearsals

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We performed an excellent assembly on the day. Enjoy these clips.


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