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Communication with Parents

A strong home-school link is important to help your children flourish, and so I strive to ensure the most effective communication and collaboration between us


Communication: My door is always open! The best ways or getting in contact me could be making an appointment (either phone the office, email or speak to me at the gate) but I am always available at the beginning or end of the school day at the gate or in my classroom. I welcome and encourage you to come and ask questions and discuss anything about your child's experience in my class!


Coming into school: At St Patrick's we know that parents have a wealth of experience and skills to offer, with which we can build an even more exciting curriculum. We value everything you do, whether it is coming into class to talk about your own job or share your interests, or whether you are coming in to listen to readers - older children benefit from extra reading, too!


Children: Our goal is for all children to be safe and happy when in our school. As such, I always encourage children to come and talk with myself or another adult with any worries or concerns (no matter how big or small!) and of course I love to hear about their interests, too! Children; come and talk to me at any time. I am always available and will always listen to you to make sure you are as happy as you can be in school.