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Frieda spent a long time using her sewing skills to make face masks which she then sold to raise money for Dorothy House. In total she raised an amazing £50. Well done Frieda, we are very proud of you.

Well done Cameron W. for producing an excellent Powerpoint presentation on Biomes. I can see that you have spent a long time researching your facts and produced some fantastic slides.

I am so impressed with Isla's maths. So accurately presented and every single question correct. Amazing work!

Isla has followed Mrs Cara's art lesson on the Oak Academy website really carefully to produce this stunning piece of artwork based on circles - well done!

Wow Holly, your art and DT work is amazing. You must have spent a long time carefully colouring your pattern and I'm so impressed that you have taken the sewing skills that we learnt in class 5 to produce a multitude of felt hearts.

Your artwork is exceptional Frieda. I really like the paint effect that you have achieved on your cow picture and your Biomes front page is a striking design - well done.

Bea has done some super research for her Biomes project and I love how carefully she has designed the page.

Year 5 chose their own story to write about. After reading all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Cameron W. was inspired to write his own Tolkien style story - I wonder when the film will come out!

In geography we have been learning about Biomes. Frieda has completed a fantastic project on her biome - well done Frieda!

Isla has been busy in the kitchen. I've never heard of a courgette and walnut cake before but I think that I need to make one! mmmmmm!

Wow Bea, your 'Fake Away' is amazing - I'm very impressed!

An excellent portrait Willow. I can see that you have really carefully measured a grid to plot the proportions exactly - well done.

Well done Cameron W. for producing an excellent portrait. You have measured the proportions accurately and really captured a good likeness.

Well done Micah for producing this excellent set of instructions for how to catch a dragon - very entertaining!

Cameron followed the Oak Academy online lessons to write instructions for how to catch a dragon. A fantastic piece of work - well done.

Isla made her own fruit cocktail and then wrote out instructions to describe all of the different steps. Well done Isla, they look delicious!

Cameron made his own hot chocolate using a wood burning stove - yummy!

Willow, your strawberries and rhubarb are thriving. I can see some flowers on your strawberry plants so you should be able to enjoy some delicious fruit soon.

Phoebe, it must have taken you a long time to create this super optical illusion - I like your choice of colour, well done.

I think that it is fantastic that year 5 are using their time to learn new skills. Here is Cameron preparing for National Barbeque Week - very impressive!

Well done Bea for making your own Mayan hot chocolate. I wonder what it tastes like with chilli in the recipe!

Well done Cameron W. for producing this excellent Powerpoint presentation on Metamorphosis. You have put a lot of work into it and it looks very professional.

I like how Willow has used rainbow colours to decorate the background of the 'Our Father'.

Phoebe, I really like how you have used flowers to decorate the 'Our Father'. It looks beautiful.

The illustrations on Regan's metamorphosis poster are super. A clearly labelled design - well done.

It must have taken you a very long time to decorate your window for the VE day celebrations Regan. It looks amazing - well done.

A superbly made chess set Ollie. I like the choice of black and white colour theme and the selection of Lego figures for the playing pieces. En Passant!

Thank you Willow for sending in your photograph of the bunting that you made to commemorate VE day - it looks super. I hope that you had a lovely bank holiday celebration in the sunshine

I am so pleased that you took up the DT challenge to make a chess set Cameron W. It is very impressive and I hope that you have lots of fun playing with it - "checkmate!"

Well done Willow for completing this brilliant poster about metamorphosis. It clearly and accurately explains the life cycle of a frog - I can see that you put a lot of work into it.

I love the design on your pebble Isla C. A wonderful way to send a positive message to the country's NHS.

A beautiful rainbow design to say 'thank you' to the NHS. I love the shooting star whooshing out on its own mini rainbow.

Frieda, I am so impressed with your Pop Art project that you completed for home learning. You learnt so many computing skills in the planning and design process and the finished picture is amazing. Well done!

Well done Niamh for creating this brilliant poster on Pollination for your science home learning. It must have taken a long time to research all of your facts and you have presented it beautifully.

After studying our Mayan history topic, Regan was inspired to paint this watercolour picture. If you look closely you can see a person working inside the building. Why do you think that the person outside has a sad face?

A humorous angle on pop art by Regan. A striking design and I like the concept of a ninja sausage dog!

I love the design of Willow's pop art inspired picture. Pop art popcorn - very clever! All of that food is making me feel hungry.

A super pop art inspired picture by Phoebe in the style of Andy Warhol. I like how you have chosen the image of a giraffe and repeated it in complimentary bright colours - well done!

Well done Isla C for creating this fantastic Pop Art inspired picture. A great composition with vibrant colours. I wonder who the figure on the left is - she reminds me of one of the teachers in school (not me, wrong colour hair!)

Thank you Phoebe for sending in your 500 word story. It is such a beautiful story and I loved reading it. I like how you have threaded the theme of the rose through the story - well done😊.

Elliott has been busy creating a banner to say thank you to all of the key workers. I like the addition of fairy lights - the key workers will even be able to see your message in the dark and I'm sure that it will warm their hearts.

An uplifting picture of The Resurrection Willow. I like how you have used the images of people waving their hands, flowers and birds to convey joy and hope.

Well done Ollie for creating this dramatic painting of the three crosses on Golgotha.

A stunning picture of The Resurrection by Phoebe with vivid colours and a bold design.

Thank you Iona for sending in your wonderful picture which you completed for your RE home learning. It is a beautiful design and it must have taken you a long time to carefully place all of the mosaic pieces.