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Welcome Back to Term 5 Reception children and parents!

Just a few reminders:

Children will need to wear PE Uniform on a Wednesday and a Thursday for their PE lesson.

Please see the Termly Curriculum Newsletter for more information about what we will be learning this term. 

Miss Harding, Mrs Fudge, Mrs Hogg and Mrs Wahl

As a school we have been taking part in the English Hub Project. We follow the scheme 'Letters and Sounds' to teach phonics and we are using the 'Big Cats' reading scheme. 

Please click the link below to view the Annual Plans across the school. 

Below is the long term maths plan for this year. Please be aware that this may be adapted as teachers respond to the children's needs as the year progresses.

PowerPoint from our Curriculum Meeting


New Parents and Children 



Welcome to your first term at school!

The children have settled into St Patrick's school really well and are off to a brilliant start. Thank you for all your enthusiasm getting them ready and excited about school. We will be introducing Tapestry in the upcoming weeks which is an online learning journal for all children in Reception. Your child will receive at least one observation and picture per week on Tapestry. We will provide you with your log in/ app details as soon as we receive them. Please check the Tapestry page regularly and read the school newsletter to keep up-to-date with important information. 

Snack time

Every day at 10.10am the children have snack time. The children who are on the milk list will have milk and the rest will have water. Please ensure your child has a water bottle or remind them to help themselves to the clean cups in the classroom. We have a different snack delivered each day and we are not always aware of what this will be. Therefore, if your child only likes certain fruit/veg, please provide them with a daily, healthy snack. 

School dinners and packed lunches

The children are really enjoying staying for lunch and learning the new school routines. They have all adapted to the new routines and structure really well. The children sit in the lunch hall with Year 1 and Year 2. Please remind your child not to share any food or drink with other children due to allergies, etc. Please ensure your child has a well-balanced healthy lunch box.


Reading: Developing a passion for reading is crucial for a child to want to continue their reading journey. We will start Phonics on Monday 20th September and they will learn a new sound most days. The scheme reading books that will come home for the first few weeks will have no words to start with and this is deliberate! Tell the story together using the pictures. This is the beginning of their reading journey so little, often and fun, is best. Reading books will be changed every Monday (please see the Tab on Reading for more info and activities to try across the week). Please send your child in with their reading book every day as we like to listen to children read across the week. Please encourage your child to look after their reading book and sign the reading record when you have listened to your child read. 

Writing: Name recognition and beginning to write first names is such a huge achievement for all children. Please encourage your child to do this. All the children have to find their name on their locker and they will be practising writing their name as a morning activity once the children are fully settled. Children love labeling their pictures with their name as well. Remember, you don't have to just use pen and paper. Get creative! smiley 

Number: Count everything and everywhere! Give the children the opportunity to explore numbers in the environment. Look for different numbers on walks, press the numbers on appliances, use money, etc.


We will provide more detail of how you can support your child in a couple of weeks. We are currently planning a 'Meet the Teacher' and Curriculum Zoom call. 


Home Learning (weekly homework)

The children will have a reading book for a week, a 'word of the week' to investigate and either a phonic or number activity once a week. You will receive a Home Learning sheet via Tapestry, every Thursday. Please return this on the following Wednesday so we can look at the wonderful work and prepare new home learning. 

P.E Kits

Please send your child into school wearing a warm PE kit every Wednesday. P.E. will start on Wednesday 29th September.


'WOW' Moments

We have created a 'WOW' board in our school corridor for the Reception Children. This board will be up all year and it will be updated regularly. We want to develop a strong partnership with families. It would be fantastic if we could hear about your child and what they may have achieved at home. This can be as simple as ''sleeping in their own bed for the week'' or ''learning to ride their bike'' or ''learning to swim without armbands'', etc. We would like parents to send in any certificates, photographs, work or slips of paper explaining the WOW moments so that we can celebrate these in class. We will take copies of these achievements and send the originals back. These achievements may also be shared in the Friday Celebration Assembly once the children start attending. It also develops the children's confidence because they can share their WOW moment with their peers. You can send in as many as you like throughout the year. 


Please make sure all clothes and home items are labelled so your child comes home with their belongings. We already have a plain blue 'John Lewis' school jumper with no name on it. Let us know if it belongs to you so we can return it to the correct owner.  


If you need to discuss anything with us, please catch us on the gate, email the school office or phone the school. 


We are really looking forward to working with you this year!


The Early Years Team smiley