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Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Central Support Group


Teaching Staff

Learning Support Staff

Midday Supervisory Assistants (MDSA)

Catering Manager

Site Manager

Meerkatz Before and After School Club

Who's Who?  


Central Support Team

Executive Headteacher - Miss R. McLoughlin

Head of School- Mrs. J. Courtney

Assistant Headteacher- Mrs C.Minty

Key Stage 2 Leader - Ms R. Wilkinson

Key Stage 1 Leader - Mrs. C. Sykes

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - Mrs. H. Robertson

Data and Assessment Leader - Mrs. C. Minty



School Business Manager - Mrs S. Gilbert

Office Manager - Mrs S. Taylor

Administrative Assistant - Ms B. White


Teaching Staff

Reception -  Miss. A. Jones/ Miss A.Harding

Year 1 -  Mrs C. Sykes / Mrs R.Warman

Year 2 - Mrs K.Solomon/ Mrs P. Tate

Year 3 - Mrs C.Minty/ Mrs H.Robertson

Year 4 -  Miss S.Henry

Year 5 - Ms. R. Wilkinson 

Year 6 - Mrs M.Wood/ Mrs Oborne

PPA Cover- Mrs. N. Cawthorne/ Mr A.Turnbull/ Mrs Oborne



Support Staff

SENCo Assistant - Mrs M. Slade 

Speech and Language Support - Mrs L. Smith 

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Support -  Mrs. A. Fudge, Mrs. A. Highmore, Mrs Hogg

Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA) - Mrs H. Dilley, Mrs S.Dutton

Back on Track (Maths) Support - Mrs. L. Valentine


Learning Support - Mrs T. Lynch 

Learning Support - Mrs A. Highmore

Learning Support -  Mrs. M. Cervantes-Garrett

Learning Support - Mrs. R. King

Learning Support - Mrs. K. Quinlan

Learning Support - Mrs. R. Hogg

Learning SupportMrs. L. Valentine

Learning Support- Mrs. N. Clermont

Learning SupportMrs. G. Wahl

Learning SupportMrs. N. Clermont



Midday Supervisory Assistants (MDSA)

Mrs M. Cowan (Senior Supervisor)

Mrs L. Partridge

Mrs C. Sanderson

Mrs. G . Wahl


Site Manager

Mr E. Newstead


Meerkatz Before and After School Club

Ms. B. White (Manager), Mrs C. Sanderson, Mrs H Davey, Ms. K. Painting


Parish Priests

Fr Michael- Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Corsham