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Who's Who?

Who's Who?  


Central Support Team

Executive Headteacher - Miss R. McLoughlin

Head of School- Mrs. J. Courtney

Assistant Headteacher- Mrs C.Minty

Key Stage 2 Leader - Ms R. Wilkinson

Key Stage 1 Leader - Mrs. C. Sykes

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - Mrs. H. Robertson

Data and Assessment Leader - Mrs. C. Minty



School Business Manager - Mrs S. Gilbert

Office Manager - Mrs S. Taylor

Administrative Assistant - Ms B. White


Teaching Staff

Reception -  Miss A.Harding

Year 1 -  Mrs C. Sykes / Mrs R.Warman

Year 2 - Mrs K.Solomon/ Mrs P. Tate

Year 3 - Mrs C.Minty/ Mrs H.Robertson

Year 4 -  Miss S.Henry

Year 5 - Ms. R. Wilkinson 

Year 6 - Mrs M.Wood/ Mrs Oborne

PPA Cover- Mrs. N. Cawthorne/ Mr A.Turnbull/ Mrs Oborne



Support Staff

SENCo Assistant - Mrs M. Slade 

Speech and Language Support - Mrs L. Smith 

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Support -  Mrs. A. Fudge, Mrs Hogg

Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA) - Mrs S Pimlott

Back on Track (Maths) Support - Mrs. L. Valentine


Learning Support - Mrs T. Lynch 

Learning Support -  Mrs G. Turner

Learning Support -  Mrs. M. Cervantes-Garrett

Learning Support - Mrs. R. King

Learning Support - Mrs. K. Quinlan

Learning Support - Mrs. R. Hogg

Learning SupportMrs. L. Valentine

Learning Support- Mrs. N. Clermont

Learning SupportMrs. G. Wahl

Learning SupportMrs. N. Clermont

Learning Support- Mrs. S. Pimlott



Midday Supervisory Assistants (MDSA)

Mrs M. Cowan (Senior Supervisor)

Mrs L. Partridge

Mrs C. Sanderson

Mrs. G . Wahl


Site Manager

Mr E. Newstead


Meerkatz Before and After School Club

Ms. B. White (Manager), Mrs C. Sanderson, Ms  H Evans, Mrs. K. Painting


Parish Priests

Fr Michael- Saint Patrick's Catholic Church, Corsham