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Year 3

Hello and welcome to all of our new Year 3 children and parents!

The children have settled in so well already and are getting used to the new routines and the responsibility that comes with now being in Key Stage Two. 

Just a few reminders:

Children will need to wear PE Uniform on a Tuesday for their PE lesson.

They will also need to wear PE Uniform on a Wednesday as they will be having swimming lessons. 

We have some wonderful topics coming up and many exciting plans for the year. We look forward to sharing these with you in our upcoming 'Meet the Teacher' sessions- date and time TBC.

Mrs Minty, Mrs Robertson, Mrs King and Mrs Garrett.




Termly Curriculum Newsletter - please click link to see full sized version

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Parent meet the teacher powerpoint information

Meet the teacher video/talk

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This is a pre-recording of the live zoom 'Meet the teacher' presentation to let you know a little bit more about life in Year 3. I hope you find it useful. Any questions, please email the admin address FAO Miss Wilkinson and I will happily answer any queries.

It's Autumn - Let's play conkers!

Year 3 Hot air ballooning Day

Year 3 are learning about how to use the internet safely. They are very knowledgable about how to stay safe on line. This balloon ride picture is actually fake news. We talked about how easy it is to make things look real on websites. We talked about how to search safely using key words. The children know that computers should be in a communual area and it is always best to ask an adult for help if you are worried by anything. Grown ups can check your search is a good one - Try searcching Google for 'BBC Ancient Egypt K.S.2' to find trust worthy information which has been fact checked and does not have lots of adverts. If you write key stage 2 - you will find information for your age group. 

Welcome to Year 3,

The children have settled in wonderfully well and I am very impressed with their enthusiasm and passion for learning.


We have been very busy in Year 3! Already, we have enjoyed our nature walk around our wonderful school grounds. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. We have also enjoyed a gardening session to add to our herb garden - thyme, curry plant and sage have been planted so we have to look after those regulary until they settle in.  Just like us really!


Last week, we were truly brilliant in our drama workshop for the story town project! Year 3 have such expressive acting talent and confidence. We are really looking forward to our next session. 


In English, we have been writing poems all about the wonders of our world and reading 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers for inspiration. We are also reading a book as a class called 'Madame Pamplemouse and her Incredible Edibles' which we are enthralled by. We can't wait for the next installment. Our favourite character is Camembert the cat! 


In R.E, we have been reflecting on our Mission. We read John Henry Newman's prayer and thought about what we would like to achieve in our life. We have written our own mission statements on rockets! We also made our pledge for CAFOD and thought about 'the world we want' and what will do to help the environment. 


The children in Year 3 have been encouraged to find good books they will enjoy. They are developing their opinions about books and are able to choose a book of their own choice from the class library as well as their scheme Oxford Reading tree book. It is fantastic to see so many children widening their reading diet and enjoying quality books by authors like Anne Fine, Malorie Blackman, Jilly Murphy, Jamilla Gavin, Catherine Storr, Jeremy Strong and Dick King Smith . Enjoyment in reading is well known to be the best thing for acedemic success but it is also good for the soul and enjoyable! Who said, "you're never alone with a book"? 


To celebrate Autumn, we have brought back an old favourite game - conkers! We have even written instructions on how to play using Imperative verbs (bossy verbs that tell us what to do like - FIND a conker, ASK an adult...., CUT a piece of string...and Time adverbials (such as Firstly, Secondly, Then, Next and so on). We are learning grammar in a fun way.  


In maths, we have been learning our Hundreds, tens and units and have got the hang of the idea of a 1000 being 10 hundreds! Today, the whole class learned their 3 times table the old fashioned way with Miss Wilkinson waving a stick around and everyone chanting. Surpising fun! Well done everyone. One lesson in and you can all chant it through as a class without prompting. Some children even managed to beat the crazy stick (ask your child to explain the challenge).


In P.E, we have learned how to throw a javelin, do the long jump and dribble a hockey ball. Also we have been refining our throwing and catching skills. We are looking forward to our Archery workshop tomorrow. Please rememer, P.E is on a Tuesday and Friday so please wear your P.E kit on those days. 


Mrs Garret- Cervantes - our teaching assistant has also been teaching us some Spanish and reading us stories. Miss Wilkinson is determined to learn Spanish too so will be trying her best to listen and repeat. 


Well, that's the last 2 weeks review and it seems we are actually learning a lot! 

It's great to be back. 

Remember, my 'door is always open'! If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Have a great weekend.

Miss W 




Work and play in Year 3