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SUN: Children's Anti-Bullying Policy

Saint Patrick's Catholic Primary

Anti-Bullying Policy






Every member of St. Patrick's is commited to keeping our children safe. Our children have worked together to develop the St. Patrick's Anti-Bullying Policy.  Download a copy above!



Our Diana Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have come up with the school’s slogan which reinforces that bullying of any kind (emotional, phyiscal, silent or cyber) is not acceptable and the answer to bullying is to tell someone and then it can be resolved: Speak Up Now!


“Being bullied is like being in a constant blanket of clouds

covering you, but once you communicate your worries there

then is a chink of light which opens up to relief and resolving the

problem.” - School Council Rep



For a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL way of sharing your worries, contact CHILDLINE at ANY TIME on the number above.