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Year 1

Dear Year One Parents,

Thank you SO, SO much for your amazingly generous presents! Me and Mrs Sykes are so grateful and you have made us feel truly special. We couldn't have asked for kinder parents, you have all supported us so wonderfully through all this and we couldn't have done it without your unfailing support.


Have a fantastic Christmas and give your lovely little ones a big hug from me and Mrs Sykes (we miss giving hugs!) as they have coped so well with all the craziness this year!


Best wishes and thank you so much again,


Mrs Solomon 


Dear Year 1, 

Thank you so much for the kind gift, it is sat under my Christmas tree, I am waiting for the big day. I have had the most enjoyable lunch, a lovely treat on my final work Wednesday of 2021! It has been an absolute pleasure to come to Saint Patrick's and teach the Year 1 children, a lovely bit of normaility in these unusual times! The children bring so much joy to each other and are always smiling, a lovely gift for all of us. I hope you have a restful Christmas break, althoough quieter than normal, this Christmas has been a wonderful time to reflect on the really important things. We look forward to seeing you all next year, especially those smiles! 

Merry Christmas, 

Mrs Sykes smiley


Dear Year 1, 

A big thank you for the lovely goodies. It has been brilliant working the Year 1 children in the very different year! Have a brilliant Christmas and a happy new year.

Take care.


Mrs Smith smiley


Dear Year 1, 

Thank you so much for the lovely gift. It was very kind of you all. 
It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to spend time with your children again in Yr 1. 
I hope you all enjoy the Christmas break, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you in 2021!


Mrs Highmore smiley

Tuesday 10th November 


Good Morning Everyone! 


    Well done everyone, you all worked so hard yesterday and started our week off with a bang! Today, we are going to continue with our phonics work, looking at the 'ir' sound, followed by some number fact families. There will be an assembly today, uploaded onto the class page. This afternoon you will be getting ready for remembrance day. You will find the mornings work ready for you to start and the afternoon work will be uploaded and ready for you to use before lunch time. 

You will find the morning work in the English and Maths folder. 

You will find the assembly and the afternoon work in the RE, PSHE and Collective Worship folder

Remember that there are lots of ideas for Rainbow Times in the folder. 

Have a look at the timetable below to support you today. 


Have a wonderful day today, 

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon :) 

Weekly Timetable

Monday 9th November

Good Afternoon Year 1, 


If you remember from my video this morning, this afternoon we have some Geography work to complete. This work will continue on from last weeks learning in school. You will find the video and work in our Enrichment and Class Projects folder. 

Have a lovely afternoon, 


Mrs. Sykes and Mrs. Solomon smiley

Gospel Assembly - Monday 9th November

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Today's assembly, thank you Mr. Bell, we feel part of the school community from our homes. Today your house will become your church. You could light a candle, get a special object that helps you feel close to God or just sit and be part of the worship. This worship focuses on one of Jesus' parables - The Parable of the ten Bridesmaids. Do you know what a parable is? It is a story that Jesus' tells to teach us an important lesson. Listen to Mr. Bell and see what Jesus wanted to teach us. 

Updated: Rainbow Times folder - yoga link (physical rainbow time) and story time (reflective rainbow time) added to the folder. Our school assembly will be uploaded later for you to watch this afternoon for your spiritual rainbow time.


Monday 9th November 2020


Good Morning Year 1, 


I hope you are all well and ready to start your day. Please look in the English and Maths folder (the tab is below the SUN and called 'English and Maths') where you will find... 

1) A video introducing our work for the morning 

2) Your phonics activities for today 

3) A maths PowerPoint and some maths activities for you to work on 


Please feel free to print off the sheet but you can just write the answers straight into your workbook / paper / a word document. Your maths work today is making part part whole models. Instead of writing the answers you can use pasta / blocks / lego (anything really!) and create the part part whole model, taking photos to show the answers. If you would rather write your answers onto the sheet, please feel free. Remember to use the word because when you explain your answers. 

Click on the 'Rainbow Times' tab for suggested physical, spiritual and reflective ideas. 

After you've had your lunch, there will be another video explaining your work for this afternoon (and a link to our brilliant continents song!). I will also be adding a worship video and some yoga links. 


Have a wonderful day of learning and remember that you can send me your work via the admin email. 


Keep smiling everyone, 

Mrs Sykes and Mrs Solomon smiley 

Welcome to YEAR ONE! 

We would like to welcome our brand new year 1 children to our class family. We would also like to welcome all of their families. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet you all and find out about each and every child. The children have been so excited to be back together and have really enjoyed laughing and playing. We have got back into the swing of learning and every child has produced some wonderful work - well done to all. 

Year One Curriculum Afternoon

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