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Year 4's Super Science!

'Playing with Plants' An exploration session with Arthur

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching this science lesson staring Arthur and his lovely garden. He teaches us about loads of different plants and takes us on an informational tour! Captivating Arthur, well done!

Amelia's Funny Yet Factual Masterpiece

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Amelia has taken our art and science learning for the week and combined them together into what I can only describe as a true masterpiece. I hope it makes you all laugh as much as I did! Great work Amelia!

Elsie's indoor garden

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Elsie's tells us all about the different plants she has been growing at home. It's great to see you taking such good care of those plants, watering them everyday and making sure they grow. Well done Elsie, keep us updated on their progress!

Anya's Firework Science Experiment!

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A science lesson from Anya where she teaches us about density of liquids! Did you enjoy Anya's experiment? Is this something you want to have a go at as I certainly do!

Annie's Bubbling Limerick

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Here is a video of Annie performing her very own limerick. She is dressed in a very fitting outfit, great work Annie!

Arthur's Magical Masterpiece

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A reading by Arthur of his continued story of Fantastic beasts from this weeks home learning. I was captivated from start to end so I am sure you will be too. I hope you have all written a story to be proud of!

Anya's Great Fire of London Rap!

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A rap by Anya about the great fire of London. Can you create a rap of your own about a topic of your choice??

Harry's Football Challenge

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A football challenge from Harry. We wanted this to be a whole class challenge so see if you can complete the 30 toe taps and 30 bells. Some of us in school last week had a go at this and we were successful!

Amelia F Piano Performance

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Amelia performing her grade one piano piece! This was a magical performance and i'd love to have more videos from all of of the class musicians!

Ruby's Rainbow Magic!

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Annie's Art Recreation Project