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Year 5

Archery and the Climbing Wall


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the Digiwall

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Playing on the Digiwall

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We had enormous fun for our Science Day yesterday! Professor John was wildly engaging and helped us learn about gravity and paper blowing, electricity and plasma balls, chemical reactions and elephant's toothpaste, observation skills and magic cups, Dragon's Breath and paper that wasn't paper at all!!!

Comments heard from the children were ALL unanimous in their feeling: "That was cool!"    "That was soooo fun!"  "That was amazing!" 


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World Book Day 2021

What to expect in Year 5 in Term 3


Maths and English

We will consolidate our knowledge of prime, square and cube numbers, and continue to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. Then we'll begin a large topic, fractions, which will be completed in Term 4.

In English we will continue to hone our writing skills, producing some descriptive writing, focussing on using dialogue and creating settings, as well as SPaG features such as apostrophes, adverbial phrases and subordinate clauses. Our vocabulary and comprehension skills will benefit from studying fiction and non-fiction texts which are linked to our English topic and our Geography topic.


Topic work

Rivers and Mountains is our chosen topic this term. We will increase our knowledge of how they were formed and their features, using high-quality textbooks, to develop our inquiry skills and discover facts, and atlases to locate rivers and mountains in Europe and the world.


Religion with Ms Courtney

Ms Courtney will continue to teach RE, this time on a Wednesday, covering Christmas for first 2 weeks and then Revelation for the last 4 weeks of Term 3.



The focus in Science will be 'Changing States in Materials' and will include 2 practical experiments.  


Art/DT and Music 



PE will be on a Tuesday and a Friday, with a focus on hockey and balance skills. 

Year 5's Learning Journey Highlights so far...