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2. What We Do



The governing body of our school is responsible for ensuring the school provides the best possible education for the children and to see it fulfills all the requirements laid down by law. The governing body is made up of a variety of different types of governor so that all concerned parties interests are represented fairly:


Foundation Governors - Appointed by the Bishop

Staff Governors - Elected by Staff

Parent Governors - Elected by Parent Body

LA Governor (representing the Local Authority although this person does not have to be an employee of the LA)




As a Governing Body we help the school to set high standards by planning for the school's future and setting targets for school improvement.


  • We work with the school on planning and developing policies and keeping pupil progress under review;

  • We make the school accountable for its plans and goals;

  • We provide support and challenge and evaluate the school’s performance against targets;

  • We are accountable to Ofsted, the Department of Education and the Diocese.


The Governing Body engages with the Head Teacher and school in creating a 3 year Development Plan and in identifying annual school improvement targets in key curriculum areas incorporating the spiritual development of all individuals. 


Governors are entrusted with managing the School’s budget and they target investment to deliver tangible outcomes for pupil well-being and progress. Governors have worked closely with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership team to identify, plan and deliver resources such as the New Curriculum, the building of the new kitchen facility and to improve safeguarding through the re-development of the school entrance area and the introduction of even more secure access arrangements for visitors.




At every Full Governing Body (FGB) meeting, the Headteacher presents a Headteacher’s Report, a very informative document which gives us a good picture of the school. It covers areas such as attendance, progress and attainment, behaviour, and health and safety, and looks at the school’s successes and achievements, as well as any issues or areas of weakness and how they are being addressed. As

well as bringing out the best of our children academically, their happiness, safety and general well being is also key in ensuring that they have a fulfilling time at school.


The governors meet once a term as a whole to deal with their areas of responsibility in a Full Governing Body meeting. Governors also form small working groups to deal with issues of finance, curriculum, safeguarding, staffing, property, health & safety, strategy and standards.  The Business Manager gives regular updates on the schools budget, property, Health & Safety at Governing Body meetings and provides a termly report.


Governors have regular contact with the children through visits and school activities and events.