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The skills, knowledge and understanding gained through learning a language contribute to the development of children’s oracy and literacy and to their understanding of their own culture and those of others. At Saint Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, we feel that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the faster the language in question is acquired. We feel passionately that the children should hear as many languages as possible and that the different languages and cultures in our school are celebrated.  We will prepare children for the KS3 language curriculum to enable them to transfer confidently and successfully.



 We plan a MFL curriculum which will meet the needs of all learners; making adjustments where necessary to ensure that children with Special Educational Needs and those who are categorised as Disadvantaged Learners are able to achieve their full potential. 

Term 1 across the school: We focus on oracy and then study Latin, ensuring children have a good knowledge of where our language originates from.

Term 2 across the school: This is linked to our topic. Ks1 children will listen to and pick out key language from the Nativity story in a language chosen by their teacher. In KS2, children will learn ‘Silent Night’ in another language.

Term 3 across the school: This term, we look at all of the different languages spoken across the school. This is an opportunity for children to share their own experiences of language.

Term 4 across the school: Mini Study of Germany. Teachers will choose whether to look at the German language in short bursts throughout the week, or they may plan a day of German language and cultural learning!

Term 5 across the school: Mini Study of France. Teachers will choose whether to look at the French language in short bursts throughout the week, or they may plan a day of French language and cultural learning!

Term 6 across the school: This term is where we will have our themed week ‘Wish You Were Here!’. Each child will have the opportunity to ‘visit’ a range of countries throughout the week. They will learn greetings and key phrases as well as learning stories from those cultures and experiencing an enrichment activity linked to it.



Through the teaching of a range of languages we will see the impact of the subject in the following ways:

· Children will become aware that a language has a structure, and that the structure differs from one language to another.

· Children will develop their language and communication through development of the four key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

· Children will enrich their language learning by developing an understanding of a range of cultures.

· Children will transfer to KS3 effectively and successfully and will be well prepared to continue and develop their language skills.