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How and when do you use maths?

  • We thought about different jobs that use maths - vets, doctors, pharmacists, bakers, carpenters, accountants, hairdressers, teachers and architects.
  • We count the children in the register.
  • We count the lunch bands when children get their lunch.
  • Our age is a number.
  • There are shapes in pictures.
  • There are page numbers in books.
  • We count the number of goals in a football game.
  • We weigh out ingredients in a recipe.
  • We pay money to the cashier.
  • We wake up and get to places in time.
  • We go to bed on time!
  • We look at the temperature.
  • I count out how much water I drink in a day.
  • I count how many stitches I've done when I'm crocheting.
  • I measure my pet and how much food and water it needs
  • My mum uses an alarm clock.
  • I go on Professor Assessor every day.
  • .Mrs King counts her photocopying.
  • Willa counts her cartwheels.
  • Summer counts her plaits.
  • Mum counts how long I clean my teeth for.
  • Flynn counts the scores on Uno cards.
  • Liam counts down from 60 while his mum combs his hair.
  • We count our scores when we play computer games