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Lunch & Break

BREAKTIME (10:20-10:40am)

At morning break, children are allowed only to eat fresh or dried fruit they have bought from home. This encourages healthy lifestyles and sets a good pattern for eating habits in later life.  All Key Stage 1 children receive free break-time fresh fruit daily, as part of a health scheme.


Children are able to use our fantastic outside resources at break and lunchtime, including the use of the Outdoor Classroom and the Trim-Trail, as well as a wide variety of outdoor games and toys.


LUNCHTIME (12:00-1:00pm)

Hot food is provided and available to order on-line.

This is a quick and easy way to order, pay, amend and cancel orders direct.  Visit the website to register your child and make payment

FREE MEALS - If your child is entitled to free meals or KS1 free meals (applicable to all Year R, Year1 and Year 2 pupils) register your child and wait for free entitlement confirmation (usually only takes a day) before ordering meals.

Pupils may bring in a healthy packed lunch all week or mix with a hot food option.


Drinking lots of water is encouraged.  Water fountains are found throughout the school, and Key Stage 2 children may also bring a bottle of fresh water to keep in their classrooms. We run 'The Brainforest Cafe' whereby the lunch tables are rewarded for good table manners, and the weekly winners get a dinner party experience on Fridays with a 'top table' - candles, glass flutes for drinks, china, and a bistro ambience!