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We have begun our 'Year of Hope' at St. Patrick's. For your Class Project this term, we would like you to choose an inspirational figure from the past or present, who you can produce a project about. Think about key aspects of this project:


1. Who are you interested in writing this project about?

Is there an historical figure you find fascinating or a person living today who has a passion which inspires you? Have you heard about a biblical figure you would like to learn more about, a politician who interests you, a child your own age who is making a difference in our world, an entertainer who has used their celebrity for a good purpose or a sportsman or woman who you think others should know more about. There are many books out there for you to read and research. Look at the Kidzone link below or other links added by your teachers, which may help you.                  

 If you are using the internet for research, ensure that an adult knows the websites you are using are safe.


    2. How will you engage the audience to want to read your project?

  • Think about your use of visuals e.g. photographs, drawings, maps, use of colour and font
  • Think about the best choice of vocabulary to use. Can you use a thesaurus to make your initial ideas even better?


    3. Remember presentation is important!

  • Have you written in your best handwriting?
  • Have you remembered to read your learning and check that it makes sense?
  • Have you checked your spellings and punctuation?


    4. Think about the organisation of your project.

  • Remember to use headings or subheadings.
  • Will your project include chapters? If so will they be in chronological order?
  • Are the facts you are using correct? Make sure your sources are relaible.
See our 'Kids Zone' page for many ideas and games to further your knowledge in a range of subjects!