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Please see below for lots of History, Science and Art resources.   

Egyptians in History, Electricity in Science and Pointellism in Art. There are also ICT computing, P.E, Geography and DT lessons as part of the cross curriculum linked to the Egyptians.

Please use your Charanga log in to explore Music World. You can listen to different instruments and styles of music each week and  create your own compositions. 

History - Ancient Egypt

Here are resources for you to create your own project on the Ancient Egyptians by watching the BBC bitesize video clips, making notes and then creating a page of information for each chapter. Remember to present your project beautifully and in an eye catching way. Use your best handwriting, illustrations, diagrams and fun ideas to bring your project to life. Use questions to entice the reader to find out more. 


Lesson 1: Chapter 1: Introduction to Ancient Egypt 

Draw a time line to show when the Ancient Egyptians lived.

Draw a map to show where Egypt is. Label important features like Cairo and the River Nile. 

Lesson 2: 'What remains of Ancient Egypt?' 

Watch the video and make notes on the key information. Then create your own project page all about the evidence left by the Ancient Egyptians