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Digital Leaders


Digital Leaders Members 2017-18:


Year 1: Harvey, Ava, Isla, Lilly R, Ollie

Year 2: Benji, Alex, Daniel, Amelia

Year 3: Elliot, Poppy, Ollie, Regan

Year 4: Phoebe, Atlanta, Louis, Max

Year 5: Charmaine, Jenny, Leighton

Year 6: Tilly, Sam M, Freddie, Eti, Ronnie, Alex


Digital Leaders Teams 2017-18:


C.I.A. (Cool Internet Association)

Sam M, Ronnie, Benji, Phoebe, Amelia, Lily R

Helping people stay safe on the internet since 2017!”

Team Mascot: BMO XL



Clever Computers

Charmaine, Jenny, Isla, Alex, Tilly, Harvey, Daniel


Stay safe on the internet!”

Team Mascot: Gary the Thing


Team Tappers

Eti, Ava, Poppy, Elliot, Leighton


“When going on the internet, be safe, mate!”

Team Mascot: L.P. (Laser Peacock)


The Microchips

Max, Louis, Ollie, Ollie, Alex, Freddie, Regan


To protect and serve the internet!”

Team Mascot: Mike Ro Chip


The Digital Leaders Online Safety Quiz

Digital Leaders Minutes 2017-18

2015-16 Term 2: 


We were very excited to come together for our very first E-Safety Council meeting this Wednesday, where we all got to meet for the first time! Our council members from across the school this year will be:



  • Reception – Benji, Annie, Johannes, Alex
  • Year 1 – Chloe, Kyro, Isla, Megan
  • Year 2 – Harry, Amelia, Anna, Louis
  • Year 3 – Mia, Ella, Ethan, Ollie, Charlie
  • Year 4 – Harry, Etiendem, Ronnie, Sam
  • Year 5 – Tom, Connor, Jimmy, Lewis
  • Year 6 – Kieran, Max, William, Julyan, Amelia



  • Attendance - who is part of our council?
  • What is e-safety?
  • Priorities and action plan for the year
  • Actions: council name & design / logo
  • Deciding future actions


To find out what was discussed click the Meeting Minutes button below. Keep checking back to see what we have in store for E-Safety in our school this year!