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Day 3



Watch the video below. As you watch you can pause the video and fill in the worksheet. 


Oracy - Use your storymap to retell the story of the Firework Makers Daughter. Think about which parts are necessary and which details add interest. (Do this with a well-known story if you can't recall our class text.)


Handwriting -

Practice joining from w using a bridge join. Think about the size and positioning of your letters. 

Joining W - please copy into your book


Later on in the term you will be asked to complete a 'project' about someone in our local area or a friend or family. It might be for example a Great Grandparent who fought in the War? You could get a head start this week by talking to your family at home, or over the phone and see if you could find out a bit about your own family history. Is there anyone of real interest who you would like to complete a project on?