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Art and Design and Design Technology

Every child is a valued artist on a journey of discovery through Art and Design.


  • Study a diverse and inclusive range of artists, artwork and art history (both classical and modern).
  • Inspire creativity and offer a range of opportunities for self-expression.
  • Challenge pupil’s understanding and skills to excite them about the topic.
  • Develop an appreciation of art and Design Technology and articulately express opinions.
  • Teach a progression of skills.
  • Explore philosophy and faith through art.



  •  We plan an effective Art and Design Technology curriculum which will meet the needs of all learners; making adjustments where necessary to ensure that children with Special Educational Needs and those who are categorised as Disadvantaged Learners are able to achieve their full potential. 
  • Art and Design Technology is led by a subject leader who supports staff in developing their own skills and providing quality resources and training.
  • Children study the work of artists, designers or crafts people from a variety of cultures and periods of time.
  • Art and Design Technology is taught in an atmosphere that allows freedom of creativity and an opportunity for self-expression and experimentation.
  • Opportunities are given to showcase work for a wider audience.
  • Children develop their skills and knowledge through a wide range of mediums which are scaffolded to meet all needs through Quality First Teaching.



  • Learners develop the knowledge and skills to work like an artist and this is evident in their sketchbooks.
  • Learners develop the knowledge and skills to work like an engineers and this is evident in STEM books. 
  • Children make sustained progress measured against age appropriate progression grids and expectations.
  • Children enjoy becoming more confident and creative artists and engineers.
  • Children develop their opinions to appreciate and critique a range of artwork.
  • There will be a broad understanding of art and Design Technology across the curriculum subjects (specifically R.E.) for enrichment.